About The PartyBraider
About the PartyBraider...

Gospel Artist/Actress Carmen King was born in 1972-- Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Her desire to perform began at the age of three as a result of all the attention she received from displaying her dancing talent. Excited by her many successes of winning dance contests at neighborhood block parties, she began to take advantage of every opportunity to perform school plays, drill teams, contests.


At age 10, Carmen remembers I was upset that my mother was making me wash dishes, so to punish her, I decided that I, the little girl with the deep voice, would sing until she got tired of hearing me and send me to bed. That never happened. As a result, Carmen taught herself to sing, developed an ear for music and soon began to write lyrics.


By age 12, Carmen’s desire to perform became serious. Along with her neighborhood friends of 26th and Chambers Streets, a group was formed. They entered a local Star Search contest. Their group Cold Crush rapped and sang their way to a second audition, although they did not win a chance to perform on the show. Gaining more confidence and excitement from the experience, Carmen decided to pursue a career that would involve performing on stage. With teenage years approaching, Carmen’s mother wanted to occupy her daughters summer vacation with positive, constructive activity.


 Upon hearing of a new youth program named Families United to Prevent Teen Pregnancy (FUPTP), Carmen was enrolled and a mentor was assigned to her immediately. Unknowing to both Carmen and her mentor, a Christian woman, a turning point in Carmen’s life was about to take place. Carmen soon joined church, became saved and discovered her calling of witnessing to youth through a unique form of gospel music--Rap. FUPTP allowed Carmen many opportunities: creating, choreographing and teaching routines (cadences, raps, songs, steps); a half-hour PBS interview (as FUPTPs representative and protégé); employment as a mentor for five years. During her seven-year involvement with the organization, Carmen wrote seven anthems for the program. Many of her anthems remain customary as part of the programs daily routine, because of their unique ability in helping to promote self-esteem, sex education and abstinence.


Currently Carmen resides in L.A. where she works as Hair and Makeup Supervisor for film.  She says "Living here in California "inspires" you to use all of your gifts, I have a large hair braiding clientele as well" which is a gift she has been utilizing for the past 17 years through college until present day.


Don't go to anyone else! She is so fast and sweet. Works her fingers off and keeps on smiling! She has a great sense of style especially if you have never had your hair braided before! She can take the reins and you will love what she does!
This is my first time and I am like a Rainbow:) Wild colors abound! Thanks so much Carmen. Hmmmm maybe red ,green, and gold for the holidays?

Molektra S.

Carmen is the person who keeps me safe from a lifetime of Bad Hair Days. She does my "regular" braids all year, then Goes to town! Watch out, baby! for Burning Man. I'd be a wretched snivleing ball of wild troll hair without her.

Margaret S.


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